Samburu is a tribe found in  northern Kenya´s Great Rift Valley. We are slightly distinct from Maasai, though we speak the same language(maa) and share a lot in common. The other tribes in Kenya call us THE BUTTERFLY people. One of our greatest passion is Beadwork. The knowledge how to make beads and patterns are given from one generation to the next. Some beads are more than 100 years old but the design is timeless. They are colourful and absolutely stunning. Our jewellery are made of glass beads, there are no allergies whatsoever.

We have a variety of stuff. Concentrating mainly on Samburu Maasai Culture and trying out new designs to blend with modern Cultures. We also make clothes using the Samburu Maasai fabrics. We ship World Wide. Don’t hesitate to contact us. You can also follow us on Instagram;


Peninah Lesorogol


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