Samburu /Maasa shuka, is a very unique and colourful type of clothing. It’s a daily cloth for the Samburu and Maasai tribes. They can’t go anywhere without a shuka. It’s used for different purposes eg as a clothing, as a blanket for the night, To shade ourselves when it’s too hot, to cover during the Rains. In the modern world it’s used as a table cloth, bedcover, picnic blanket, for decorations and so many things. The natives also loves the material made of shuka because it’s tough and in the wild with Thorny bushes it survives and also when washed it dries very quickly. And my tribe really have not enough time to wait for a heavy cloth to dry up, they are running around with goats, cows,sheep. Also the shouting colours scares away the Wild Animals like Lion, Hyenas, Leopards.

Material:  100% Acrylic